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Service Details

AC Repairs Service

Air Conditioners are costly and to maintain its long life we at New Era Professional Technical Services take the responsibility of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services on our own shoulders.

AC Repairs Service in Dubai

  • AC Installation
  • AC Maintenance
  • AC Thermostat Repairing
  • AC Compressor Repairing
  • AC Fan Motor Replacement
  • AC Duct Cleaning
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • AC Fixing

Complete Service Offer Details:

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

All electrical appliances need maintenance and so is the Air Conditioner. We all are aware of the fact that Air Conditioners are costly and to maintain its long life we at  S2Fix  Professional Technical Services take the responsibility of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services on our own shoulders.

Our engineers are specially trained and they will fix the problem of your AC with their AC Maintenance Services in Dubai. Now you don’t have to worry about your AC as we have a professional team who will not only take care of your AC but they will give you accurate guidance.

AC Maintenance Dubai ensures that the AC is in proper condition and guarantees that you get the reliable services. Our skilled team can diagnose the problem of the AC and with their specialized knowledge they can solve it easily.

If you are in Dubai or its nearing places then New Era Professional Technical Services is there to offer you with its services. Enhance the life of the AC through our professional service. You get the advantage of latest technology and we promise to deliver high-quality services to you. Your comfort is our main aim and it is our priority too.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning. This system provides heating and cooling to residential areas and also to the commercial buildings.

 S2Fix Professional Technical Services is known for its hvac maintenance companies in Dubai. So if you are looking for hvac services near me then we are only a call away from you.

There are many different types of AC Maintenance Services that should be done by the experts and if you want that your one time investment should not go in vain then you should take the services from our expert technicians. They will solve all the technical issues in a technical way.

We offer AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Cleaning and AC Servicing

Our Services are as follows-

AC Repairing

Your AC is an asset and it needs proper care. Get AC Repairing services from the experts and enjoy its life time validity. Our professional team will provide its AC Repairing services as we are famous for our Air Conditioning Companies in Dubai. For hvac repair you can always contact us and we will be there at your service.

AC Maintenance

Our professional team is known for providing its technical services to its clients and you can always reach to us for cost-effective and efficient services. Through hvac maintenance service we will take care of your electrical appliances. Our specialized services include AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Cleaning, and AC Servicing throughout Dubai UAE.

AC Servicing

Our AC Servicing services ensures that your AC has got the accurate service as we care for your health and ensure that you are getting the high-quality services from our technical team.  S2Fix  Professional Technical Services believes that its customer should get the services from the professional team as when the customer is paying us then they deserve to stay a comfortable life.

AC Duct Cleaning

The cleaning of various heating and cooling system of AC is known as AC Duct Cleaning. It includes the supply and return of air ducts, grilles and diffusers and many more functions are performed during the AC Duct Cleaning process. To avail the advantage of this service you can always give a call to us.

AC Installation

Our hvac installation Dubai has a dedicated and well-trained team who are always ready to provide its expertise services to its clients. Do give a call to us and our best team member will provide its AC Installation services to you. Always remember that AC is an asset and it should be taken care from the professional team. So, don’t try to install it by yourself unless or until you are not a technician or having a technical knowledge.

AC Supply

If you are looking for AC or planning to purchase a new AC then do reach to New Era Professional Technical Services for high quality AC Supply. To enjoy the best service of the experts you can refer to us and we will not disappoint you.

AC Replacement

We provide AC Replacement service also. If your AC is not working or you are facing some problem with your Air Conditioner then do share your problem with us. We will replace your AC and will provide you with other AC which is good in condition and is in working condition too.

AC Fixing

We will fix all your problems related to AC as we can solve your AC Fixing issues also. If in case you are facing some problems related to the AC and want an instant solution then we are here to solve it.

AC Filter Cleaning

Get AC Filter Cleaning services from the experts and get rid of sweat now. Don’t waste your hours in warm air of the AC. Contact us and our team will reach to your place and provide its efficient AC Filter Cleaning services to you and we are sure that you will get satisfied by our services.

AC Compressor Repairing

Get AC Compressor Repairing facilities from our professional team and get rid of the hot air. It will increase the life of the AC and it also improves the quality of the air also.

AC Fan Motor Replacement

We will upgrade your Air Conditioner by providing the AC Fan Motor Replacement services. Get all types of AC services done by us and enhance the life of your AC.

AC Modification

For any type of expert service or if you want AC Modification service then schedule your service with us and we make sure that you will get the improved version of our services.

AC Thermostat Repairing

The team of S2Fix Professional Technical Services provides its efficient and reliable thermostat services. The team of HVAC is reliable and its efficiency is clearly shown in the work. Get the AC Thermostat Repairing done by the experts and keep your AC up-to-date.

AC Thermostat Installation

We are here with our AC Thermostat Installation services. If you need any type of assistance in replacing or installing your thermostat then our technical team is ready to provide you its services. A hvac maintenance company in UAE takes the responsibility of providing its thermostat installation services to its clients.

Hire the Best Air Conditioning Repair Company in Dubai

An Air Conditioning unit is expensive and it is one time investment. So, it is highly advised that if you don’t want to ruin your invested money and if you don’t have the technical knowledge then please don’t experiment with the AC. It is better to give a call to the technicians and allow them to handle your AC.

There is no need to sweat in summers and become the victim of this season. Give a call to an expert team of hvac maintenance companies in UAE and enjoy its reliable and efficient services. Give a call to us and our best team will reach to your place. We are only a call away from you.

AC Maintenance /AC Repair /AC Service /AC Duct Cleaning

Are you the owner of the AC and you are looking for some AC service owners then S2Fix Professional Technical Services is there to provide you its AC Maintenance, AC Repair, AC Duct Cleaning and many more efficient services.