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<p>We caught up with Raredrop Games at this year's Develop to check out its upcoming puzzle platformer To The Throne - a game that wears its influences proudly on its sleeves.</p><p>It's best described as 2011's puzzle platformer Catherine plonked on Gameboy and given a medieval theme.</p><p>You play as a young and inexperienced king who, when he sits on the throne for the first time, gets booted off it. His emblem then splits into six pieces and is scattered across the six floors of his castle. You then set off on an adventure to reclaim it.</p><p>And that involves mostly, well, moving blocks. The aim is to create staircases up to the mini throne in each level to complete it, earning a star rating based on how many moves it takes.</p><p>Then there are leaderboards you can climb based on how fast you complete a floor. It's a nice little metagame to extend the experience.</p><p>To The Throne is all set for launch in the App Store on August 4th as a premium title. You can grab it for £1.49 / $1.99.</p>.

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