Era of Magic Wars(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.10.2) Download

Era of Magic Wars(MOD (Unlocked Cars, Free Chest) v1.11.0) Download

Era of Magic Wars(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.5.2)

<p>If you're fond of high score chasers and like a bite of toast in the morning, then Toaster Swipe might be right up your alley as it's slated to launch on iOS sometime later this month.</p><p>In a world where it seems The Brave Little Toaster may have nipped a tab of LSD, it's your job to guide your little toaster friend through devious obstacles and collect as much toast as you can. The more toast you get, the more you can boost up and up.</p><p>There's no real end goal. With forks, bagels, and spiky doughnuts lining your path, the endless levels offer varying challenges as the further you get, the more you can brag about it. Like Juicy Jelly Barrel Blast you've got to time your shots right, except you move in the direction you swipe rather than just tap.</p><p>Check out the game as it progresses on Toaster Swipe's forum page here. Otherwise, we'll keep you updated when we know more.</p>.

GAME NAME Era of Magic Wars

PlayStore ID

com.sigmateam.Era of Magic

Mofumofu sheep ranch(Unlimited coins)(MOD (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All) v1.12.12):

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