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<p>The Zero Escape series is quite unique. It's a mix between a visual novel and a puzzle game, a mix that also ressembles games like DanganRonpa.</p><p>If you've ever played 999 or Virtue's Last Reward, you know you're in for a wild ride of teenagers getting killed in weird locations while a maniac makes you solve puzzles.</p><p>A thick atmosphere and a heavy dose of choices makes it one experience you shouldn't miss.</p><p>Every part of the story was shrouded in mystery though and could feel incomplete without a final installment.</p><p>The conclusion to the trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma, is coming to Playstation Vita and 3DS on June 28 and should have all the answers you seek.</p><p>It also features a brand new engine with real 3D cinematic:</p>.

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